The world is changing and buying online is greater than ever. The convenience of shopping without having to set foot in a store and deal with people seems to make life simple. Well maybe for some items it’s a better way to shop. However, there are some things that you need to try before you buy.

Of course, reviews of a product are of value and we all depend on them when it comes to an online purchase. However, we all have different tastes and desires. When it comes to a mattress it should never be underestimated or under valued. Just like buying a new pair of shoes or a car. Most of us like to try on the shoes or drive the car before we buy it, right? Why should that not apply for the most important piece furniture in your home? It’s where you come to rejuvenate and relax to take on the day.

This is where so many undervalue the importance of a mattress. Why? Because a mattress is more of a “hidden” item in your house that we generally don’t show off to our friends. Unlike the latest and greatest big screen TV we can show off and entertain our friends with. A mattress is one of those household items, unless you understand and value your sleep, you’ll wait until you have a terrible back ache to buy.

On the other hand, why not buy that bed in a box you saw online that will fix all your problems and claims other mattresses are either “trash” or like “buying tacos?” After all a fairy tale mama and papa bear sleep on them why shouldn’t you? Sure the ads are cute and give you that warm and fuzzy feeling or makes you angry after the 10th time watching it in the last hour and you feel like throwing your phone at that brand new TV you just bought! I understand.  Only if they could make the mattress as comfortable as the high dollar ad you just watched, right?

This is why it is important that you try a mattress before you buy. What is comfortable to one review will most likely not be comfortable to you. Sure I understand that going to a retail mattress store can be like buying a used car from “Joe Schmoe let’s make a deal used cars dealership.” That’s why it’s best to shop local family owned stores. Most likely you will be talking to a family member or the owner that understands your time and value coming into the store. Therefore, it’s more likely you’ll get quality service and a mattress you can personally be paired with to fit all your sleeping needs. Not just a salesman at a big box store that doesn’t care about anything except his pocket.

In conclusion, a mattress is not “just a mattress.” It is an essential part of your well being and should not be undervalued. Take the time to go to your local family mattress store and pick out a mattress that will fit your sleeping desires.

In the end you’ll be happy that you didn’t solely base your mattress buying decision off of a review or silly over priced television ad that serves tacos to a fairy tale momma and papa bear.