Who Said it Was Easy Buying a Mattress?

Your tired of waking up on your old broken down mattress you have had for years that possibly was a hand me down. Dreading another night on that mattress makes your back hurt just thinking of it. You would rather stay up and watch Netflix or play video games a few more hours just so you can save yourself a few more hours on your old broken down mattress, right? 

Hey, I get it! It is a piece of furniture in your home that is the most overlooked and we only buy when we can't stand another dreadful sleepless night on it. Not to mention the thought of going to a mattress store and being followed around by some creepy salesperson that is only looking out for his next big commission check. Or better yet, why don't I just buy a Bed in a Box (that I have never tried) from some infomercial I saw on YouTube or TV of Goldilocks and the three bears telling me "how awful" every other mattress is out there? Yeah right! That just makes me want buy somewhere else when all they can do is talk about the other guys. 

So how do you shop for a new mattress? Well, first of all I don't believe there is one mattress for everyone in existence. If that was the case everyone would only like pepperoni pizza and watching Stranger Things on Netflix. Saying that, I believe there is a mattress to fit your needs and more importantly your budget. Oh, and you do not have to pay thousands of dollars for a good nights sleep...thought I would let you know that. 

Start by going online and look at "mattress stores near me" and see how many there are. Choose 2-3 stores close to you or with good ratings. Get on their website and read "about us" on their site. Me personally I like to shop local businesses that keep the money in my local community. Why? Thought you would never ask, simply because a big box retailer your most likely not going to get the one on one personable customer service that you'll get with a locally family owned business. Plus, the mattress world is crazy these day's and mattresses are always on sale! Either 50% off or take home for only $9 dollars a month for the next 72 months. That sounds a little to good to be true? That's because it is. Don't forget to read "restriction apply" in the small print.

What about the 50% off this weekend only? It's retail! Lets raise the price by 50% and then take 50% off to think your getting a deal, right? Not exactly. Someone has to pay for their overhead and supporting 10 mattress stores in a premium location within a five mile radius. Forget that! 

All that matters is you getting a good nights sleep and going to bed at a decent time you actually look forward to. Family owned is still the way to go. That's exactly what we pride ourselves on here in Tucson, Arizona. We are not the biggest or fanciest, however we can help you choose a mattress that fits your needs and budget that you can feel good about. As our customer we value you and your not just "another commission" to us. We understand your time is valuable and when you come into our store all your going too get is the lowest price and the best brand quality available. No games or gimmicks. Only quality service from a local mattress store you can trust and tell your friends about.

We sleep well knowing you go the best deal in town. whether your looking for a mattress locally or you stumbled across this article we are here to answer any questions you have.

Give us a try before you buy and you will be impressed!